South africa

15-24th november 2019

Aliwal Shoal

Destination Adrenaline

Aliwal Shoal is part of a large reef complex. Within this complex there is a narrower part that runs parallel to the coast about 5 km offshore called the Crown; this area is generally known as Aliwal Shoal and is classified as a Marine Protected Area.

Many types of hard and soft corals and a great variety of tropical and sub-tropical fish species inhabit the reef, but what Aliwal is known for especially is its abundance of sharks; bull sharks and sand sharks (known locally as "ragged tooth sharks") congregate there between July and November to reproduce, as well as hammerhead sharks, the ever impressive tiger sharks, oceanic blacktip sharks and silky sharks.

15-24th November 2019
1945 €

1945€ flights and fees included

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